Current Appeals :: INCOME GENERATION

RasulAllah (alayhi salaam) has mentioned: “It is better that a person should take a rope and bring a bundle of wood on his back to sell so that Allah may preserve his honour, than that he should beg from people (regardless of whether they give to him or refuse him.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Our Income generation  projects allows people to become  self-sufficient and allows them to maintain and bring dignity into their lives. This helps families to have a secure and stable income to live off.

Our main priority will be to support widows who have no ‘breadwinner’ in their family and males who have no form of income to provide for their families.

There are different ways in which we will be providing support:

  • Sewing machines.
  • Cycle rickshaws.
  • Seeds and Farming equipment.
  • Livestock for breeding and diary produce.
  • Financial and mentoring support for small start up businesses.

Income Generation schemes are a source of Sadaqah Jariyah for the donor and lead to innumerable rewards. Many beneficiaries continuously send supplications of forgiveness for those who helped them start their lives again.