Project :: SHELTER

Shelter is a basic necessity for everybody; we cannot imagine a life without shelter, or our houses. However many families in third world countries are suffering from lack of shelters; this is either due to lack of money or a disaster destroying their shelter.  Many people are suffering because their shelters are not stable enough to protect them from the harsh winters. Furthermore, there are some people who have shelters which are damaged: their roofs are broken are water is constantly leaking through. Would we be able to live with water constantly leaking through our roofs?

Dabbagh Welfare Trust will provide people in situations like these, with strong and warm shelters to protect them from all weather conditions and illnesses as well as being further entitled to the basic human right of privacy.

Education is a basic human right for all children but some people do not have this right because there are no schools constructed in their locality. There are so many people in places around the world that have no places of education such as schools and Madaaris (Islamic institutions). Moreover many schools rely on donation in order to teach students. By donating to Dabbagh Welfare Trust you can help fulfil the basic right for all children which will help them both in the Dunya and the Akhira.

As believers, good deeds provide warmth to our hearts for we know that they will never be in vain, as RasulAllah (alayhi salaam) has mentioned “Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove a hardship on the Day of Resurrection from him.”(Sahih Muslim)